it’s ok

It’s ok sometime to not be perfect. To not manage to get up very early, to eat sweets even if I’m trying to cut out sugar again, to drink too much coffee. It’s ok to feel lazy, to not be able to be so productive, to waste time and be late. It’s ok to slack on perfection and self-discipline sometimes.

Schermata 2019-10-15 alle 19.47.25
Ägde man böcker blev man aldrig mer ensam.

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towards the intangible

tabitha cholet
Days of neighbour meetings (getting tipsy on prosecco before dinner). Days of green tomatoes chutney and drying herbs and baking bread (all from the garden). Days of sun through red leaves that shines on my face and wakes me up in the morning. Days to prepare to travel again and it’s good.
Can you think that still a year ago I was so destroyed and hopeless? There wasn’t a day without some crying and feeling emptied out. And now it passed. Maybe all the crying does wash everything away until there’s a clean soul, ready to start again.


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keep it

I join the climate movement and I feel happy and empowered. I meet people and it makes me feel supported when we are united as a group fighting for something so big and so important. I feel a sense of belonging.
After leaving Bari I became so detached from political life or any forms of activism, whereas it used to be a central part of my teenage life in Italy. I’m an immigrant in foreign countries and I never knew who to join and what battle to fight. The climate change movement gave me a community to feel part of, something powerful and important.

Schermata 2019-10-15 alle 19.36.01

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navigating materiality

The sea where I grew up is blue and shines in the sun.
The sea here in Stockholm is often dark, black as swedish winters without snow.
Schermata 2019-10-15 alle 19.29.06.png
In Stockholm and it’s really autumn, I struggle with the transition but it’s really beautiful. I bike around and I see the colours on the trees and the lights reflected on the calm surface of the sea in the evening and I think that this place can be really beautiful.

It rains so much that my sweatshirt smells of wet dog.


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The sky in Oslo is so thick that I can’t see the sun.
Schermata 2019-10-15 alle 19.24.58

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about dance, lately

In other dancers I want to find alleys and not opponents.
In these dance parties where I can go full on and dance without shame I find myself fully and beautifully.


I struggle at successfully failing.
At the body as a landscape (taking away the human being).
At not doing, but being moved.

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Peaceful days this weekend in Vitlycke. I like this idea of suspension, of restart: washing bed sheets, walking in the sun, hanging out around the house just the few of us who are left, calm and silent, doing close to nothing.
I prefer it when it’s just these few of us. I’m nervous before meeting a big group of people at once, I don’t like the feeling that I know that they will arrive at any moment (and they will want to know and we’ll have to introduce and explain).
In Vitlycke I wake up early in the morning and I take hours of walks in the forest before starting with the day. Even today, barefoot and bare legged in the summer rain. Me, my blue anorak and my muddy feet (and a couple of ticks, too).
I enjoy my early mornings here, eating breakfast outside I different weathers. Alone.

The storm was very strong last night. So powerful how the wind moved masses of air with force, so loud the rain pressing on the roof of the white studio, echoing everywhere.ken lovessky

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