(what I mean to say, perhaps, is that, in a way, I am) never empty of you

Why do these things happen? Why do two people fall in love and find each other and share so much and then fall apart?
Why is life belabouring me? I struggle on every front.

I always fight for things to be right and fair. It’s a question of principle. If he lacks respect to me I must say it and fight for him to understand that’s wrong. I was passive too often in my life and relationships, just accepting and letting go, I won’t be that anymore.
But I realized that at this point it’s useless. He’s not able to receive anything. Right now he’s in a state where he can’t accept and incorporate things coming from my side. He’s pretty lost and not doing so well, I realized.
I want to believe that he’s not mean. That’s just where he is right now. I got a bit scared and worried actually. It’s useless to keep fighting and feel uncomfortable. He has to understand all these things by himself.
I miss him, but not the him of now, not who he became. I miss the him who fell in love with me, the great him. I don’t recognize him and that’s so sad: discovering that the person who I knew best and was the closest and most intimate with me, is another person now. (And has no intention of having any kind of contact with me anymore)

I give pure unconditional love and I get punished by it. People get scared. Why nobody takes me? Why do they only let me down in return?




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