I don’t have anymore the relationship that made my life so rich.
I don’t have any dance job, I’m out of all circuits.
I don’t have money to buy myself happy or go on a holiday.
My closest friends and family are not here.
I don’t have children yet and I won’t be having any soon.
It’s hard not to feel sad and miserable.
It’s hard to still see a point in all of this.

What right do I have to blame it on him? Is it maybe a fault not to love me anymore? Is it maybe a fault, mine, to love him?
It’s impossible for me to believe that someone could really stop thinking about me.


But I also find back pieces of me. Very very small pieces. I find them in this night sun.





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Danzare Viaggiare Studiare Leggere Raccontare Frutta e verdura Agendine e quadernetti Riciclo e tradizioni Biologico ed ecologico
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