I want to go full on into my sexuality, indulge in it. I want sex to be very present in my Daphne-Kladis-4life. I feel comfortable.
It is a really big part of my persona and I want to enjoy it to its maximum.
But I also want to stay the light, delicate, sensitive, shy girl that I am. I don’t want to push sexuality in the only way it is thought to be in our society.
I want the two things to go hand in hand, coexist.

the generation that grew up in this notionally oversexed world still has next to no idea how to fuck. […]
yet, with all this hyperabundance of information, with all these learning tools at our disposal, we have somehow managed to raise yet another generation that remains as ignorant and confused as ever about that most intimate of mysteries, human sexuality. […] It happened because adults in this culture persist seeing their own sexuality as monstrous, as terrifying and compelling and disgusting, rather than as a normal part of human development.


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