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WanJin-Gim-2I felt a rush of empathetic curiosity about the lives of the unfamous, the unrecorded desires and ambitions of artists who had been here too. What’s the ratio of working artists to the sum total of art stars?

 I hate classes before rehersals where I have to spend time and energy on things that are so extremely unrelated to the work, useless and unimportant. In general it’s just not interesting.
I get really annoyed with teachers giving improvisation classes with vague tasks that mean nothing, and then they themselves drop out first, because it all makes no sense. And then dancers just swing themselves around with floppy limbs, feeling “so free”. Really.
Why do I always end up in these kinds of projects? It frustrates me and it’s hard to keep hoping that there’s more to come, more than underdogs.


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