My moving to sweden is getting real! h12aVvjIpfr3xu41W3pJmZhLo1_1280
I handed in the cancellation of the contract of my
place here in vienna, so it’s official now! I navigate through various moods and feelings, from fear, to excitement, from curiosity to annoyance and bureaucratic nightmares.
I hate moving, in the sense of technically packing all my stuff and finding the best way to transport it, but I like the idea of starting again in a new home. I’m organizing a few home-fleamarkets to get rid of old clothes and furniture and step lighter into this new chapter. I have very clear in mind all the reasons why I’m moving (even if they are not anymore the original ones, aka moving with the man I love) and at the same time I am still full of doubts, uncertainties, questions and what-if?s.
I’m making a party out of my last month here in Vienna. It’s truly a bit sad, there are some anxieties, but it’s mostly a celebration. I’m celebrating this place (which I like), my friends and my life here. I’m really enjoying, I’m meeting people and doing many things. I’m saying yes to every proposition.


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