I see everyday more my need of nesting. While people spend money in clothes or gadgets or dinners out, I slowly buy nice things for my home (even if they are not exactly cheap, I get them one at a time and they will last long). I really need to create a place that feels mine. I don’t need to own it and it doesn’t have to be that one for ever. But I really need a place with my rules and ways of doing things, my place with no compromises, my place with all the things I care about, my place that I can decorate and shape as I want. Of course, the best would be a place shared with my love.
My nesting instinct makes me look far in time so I think about what could be useful, what I would like to keep, what I would like to eventually have. Not just right now, but from now to the future. And it also makes me very creative; I really enjoy making all kinds of things for home. A lot of this is also connected to finding a simpler and environmental friendly way of living.
Maybe it’s to fight the eternal instability of my profession.
I even have already started saving a few things (very few, way less than what I’d like) that I found and keep aside for my future children. That’s maybe exaggerated; I’m a bit ashamed of it. As also of saving in a folder of my computer all pages and books and links and tips about pregnancy and birth and babies. It’s maybe a bit crazy since all these things are not on the list yet, and I understand that it can look a bit intimidating to my partner, but hey, at some point they will happen!
Dreaming makes me happy.
(there is this cheesy song called To build a home by The cinematic orchestra. I don’t particularly like it, but now it’s coming two-three times a day on the radio and I almost cry everytime)wolfgang-tillmans-06


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