A total sunday gloomy mood. I didn’t go out of the flat, I keep distracting and being slow, I feel like I’m not doing anything (even if I actually am, slowly, bit by bit). I need to do important things but they make me nervous and I can’t tackle them, so I waste time and don’t do them and feel stuck and nervous.
This sticky weird mood is throwing mud on my day.
I smell the coffee and it smells good.

Lots of stress lately. Too many things to take care of.
There is something in my life that I don’t like.
Many of the stresses are related to money, and that’s not good. And to my feeling of guilt. And to what I think I should do VS what I actually do. And that’s also not good.
I don’t know how to get out of it.

There are days when I drink too much coffee. But hey, some days are just like that.



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