i am no barbie


I like the few little things I do to live in a sustainable and environmental friendly way. It always seems such a big thing, to change one’s own way of living. But then, one little habit at a time, it’s actually nice and satisfying.
I could do much more, like for example not buying anything wrapped in plastic at all, but for that I need more money and organization and a proper home and some kind of regular routine. And now my life is too unstable and still too much student-like. Plus, I never was a fan of integralists in anything. I’m much more moderate. But what I do is already pretty considerate.

I, for example:
– try to buy as less things wrapped in plastic as possible. if I have to choose what to eat outside, I try to opt for whatever is not in plastic
– try to reuse plastic wrappings (for example the one from toilet paper as trash bag)
– eat ice cream in a cone and not in a cup
– eat out rather than take away
– use tools and containers made of glass, metal, wood, fabric in my kitchen (and home in general)
– buy second hand
– try to get informed about where and how a specific brand is producing their products, to be sure it’s environmentally and ethically correct
– don’t buy food that had to travel a too long way
– carry metallic cutlery with me all the time and a metallic bottle
– say “no straw thanks” “no disposable cutlery thanks” “no lid thanks” and so on
– recycle and reuse
– use less and less beauty products, and when I do I choose natural ones in intelligent packaging
– have a reusable toothbrush, with changeable heads made of natural brush
– use the menstrual cup
– limit the amount of soap and detergent used
– switch off lights, close the fridge quickly, unplug unused electronics, don’t waste water
– use reusable pads to remove my makeup
– take the bike or the train whenever possible, instead of other transports
– use the washing machine or the dishwasher when they are completely full
– buy ecological cleaning products, and use vinegar for cleaning, too
– avoid to print when not necessary, and use always every side of each paper




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