So, sad news, scary information, always come when I’m feeling good and loved and finally a bit more free. When there are exciting plans about the future.
Of course, I never expect those things, I only maybe fear them. I feel so defeated and ask what I did wrong.
I bake a cake that now I don’t feel like eating anymore. One of those heavy compact chocolate cakes. But this has blueberries inside.
I throw myself into compulsory studying of swedish (god bless duolingo and its sounds) to dissipate anxiety and forget about those things.

The 28th of July 2061 the Halley comet will pass again in our skies. I’d like to write myself a reminder that would last until then. A reminder to observe the comet passing.
Who knows if then, at 69, I’ll remember of when, at 23, in my kitchen in Vienna, I thought that I’d like to remember it.



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