I like tram D. Its oldfashioned look. Its travels passing by all the most important and old institutions: the university, the parliament, the city hall, the stock market. I like that at four o’ clock it’s full of kids that just came out of the Lycée Français.

My head is so much in the clouds that I went to work almost an hour earlier. By mistake. So I’m obliged to offer myself a cappuccino and sit down, wait and think. Luckily there are these places that serve you cappuccino in a big mug. The foam is making a soft creaking sound.
These days, I’m writing a huge amount of lists, because my mind is so all over the places, that I’m afraid that I will forget my head somewhere, together with forgetting to pay those bills, answers those emails, etc…

A bit like listening to gangsta music while waiting for the bus.

All this is just to say, that I bought a body cream, and only after putting it on I discovered that it leaves your skin all golden-glittery. “Summer-Glam” as a subtitle should have warned me.


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